Phil Pickett

Phil Pickett Educational Psychologist

Position: Educational Psychologist

Phil has worked as an Educational Psychologist for over 20 years within a number of different Local Authority Services in the Midlands and the North West and as an associate tutor on the Educational Psychology training course at Birmingham University. For the majority of his career he has worked as a senior manager in either a team/service management capacity or as a Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist for children with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). In his specialist role, Phil has developed range of accredited courses which he has delivered both locally and nationally to a range of service providers (including public, private and charitable sectors). He has also been involved in a number of regional and national projects as well as working extensively on strategic developments within schools and Local Authorities. He has also been a member of 6 different multi-disciplinary assessment, diagnosis and management groups for young people with ASC. Phil’s main area of interest currently centres on the effects of a range of unconscious executive functions on decision making and performance

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