Julie Glynn

Julie Glynn Managing director and Educational Psychologist

Position: Managing director and Educational Psychologist


Julie Glynn has been an Educational Psychologist for over 16 years, supporting schools and educational settings in understanding the needs of children and facilitating their inclusion.

Julie has particular interest and expertise in working with children with complex needs, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, specific learning difficulties and children displaying general delay.

She is the owner of Acorn Psychology & Support Services Ltd which was founded in 2010.Through her company Acorn, Julie provides training and whole school strategic development as well as direct intervention and support in the classroom with the aim of removing the barriers to learning for those with more complex needs.

Prior to this Julie was Senior Educational Psychologist for a local Authority. During that time she was involved in supporting and leading a number of initiatives around inclusion and children with complex needs ( ASC ), social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and the dyslexia friendly school.

Julie is an Honorary Tutor at Manchester and Edgehill Universities. She also supports the Parent Advocacy Service and the Parents of Home Educators.

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