Acorn Psychology guidance during the Covid-19 Outbreak

During this extremely unprecedented and worrying time, the team at Acorn Psychology would like to offer their ongoing support to children, staff and parents/carers for any challenges that may arise. During this confusing and anxious time, we are placing our emphasis on the importance of maintaining one's emotional well-being, both as adults and children. Many children are currently learning from home as schools are currently only open for a minority of children. Due to these different circumstances, it is likely that some children and young people are having difficulties comprehending what is happening, adjusting to a different routine and verbally expressing their emotions. Many of our schools and parents are reporting high levels of anxiety in school staff, parents and children as well as difficulties in helping children to learn in very different circumstances.

In response to this, Acorn Psychology have compiled a range of resources to support adults, children and young people in understanding the situation better and strategies to support children's learning whilst at home. You can find these resources below.

The team at Acorn Psychology can also be contacted on 01254 686397. We are currently offering phone consultations to provide advice and support to parents, carers and school staff. Do not hesitate to contact us, whatever your query may be.


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