Packages of Support & Services

Services and Packages of Support for Early Years and School Settings

We offer support to Early Years and School settings at organizational, group and individual level through consultation, assessment, intervention, advice and training. Our aim is to provide a service tailored to meet your needs and the needs of the children and young people you care for and work with.

To accommodate your needs, our service can be commissioned on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or termly basis. Whilst we endeavor to retain capacity to respond swiftly and flexibly to requests for 'one-off' pieces of assessment work, the vast majority of our partner settings determine a package of support to be delivered across the academic year. The focus of work varies and examples are provided below.

The benefit of taking advantage of one of our packages is in your peace of mind and guarantee that our service will be available for you when you need it.

Individual Work with Students

Individual work has the aim of determining a child's developmental profile, including strengths and areas of need, in order to plan effective and efficient programs of support. Individual work may involve comprehensive assessment for a child or young person who is presenting with learning, social, emotional, communication, interaction or sensory needs, or a consultation process may be adopted. In most cases plans are implemented by staff in setting, but support to deliver specific interventions can also be arranged. Examples of individual work includes:

Whole School or Early Years Setting Development

Whole school or setting development involves a pre-determined package of work, delivered by Educational Psychologists and support specialists, collaboratively with staff, to promote positive school outcomes in relation to school development priorities. This can involve research and/or project work, enabling us to work with you on an organizational level to implement change effectively.

Such work generally requires a bespoke package of support and our aims to be flexible and responsive to setting's needs. For example, you may want fortnightly support for a short period of time to establish an intervention program, reducing frequency of visits as practices are established or you may want fortnightly support for a long period of time to develop, implement and evaluate a new school policy. 

Whole School Development work may include:

Whole School or Early Years Setting Development and Support Work

This approach is most common with our partner schools and early years settings. A package is agreed in terms of the frequency of visits across the academic year, and the combination of staff involved in the delivery. This can enable us to work with you on an organizational, group and individual level and provide a comprehensive service over a period of time, and to be flexible and responsive to changing needs within your setting. Blocks of time vary depending upon your needs so we offer a flexible termly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly package of support.

Whole Development and Support Work involves:


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