Support & Services for Schools

We offer support to Early Years and School settings at organizational, group and individual levels through consultation, assessment, therapeutic intervention, advice, and training. Our aim is to provide a service tailored to meet your needs and the needs of the children and young people you care for and work with.

Our primary focus is always the holistic wellbeing of children and ensuring that they reach their full potential in all social, emotional, and academic areas. With this in mind, we offer a range of services:

Individual Assessment Work

Individual assessment work has the aim of determining a child's developmental profile, including strengths and areas of need (learning, social, emotional, communication, interaction or sensory needs), to plan effective and efficient programs of support. This may involve some or all of the following:

Systemic Work

We can offer a range of systemic work within Early Years and School settings, where we look at the whole school setting or whole class areas of need. Targeted planning takes place and staff are supported in making strategic decisions which will benefit the whole school system and/or the systems within it. This may involve:

Therapeutic Intervention

We can offer therapeutic support to a range of children and young people within the school setting, with needs including but not exclusive to: trauma, anxiety, panic, depression, grief and bereavement, social difficulties, life transitions e.g. transition to high school, family breakups, entering adolescence etc, developing a sense of self, self-regulation, self-esteem, anger management, learning developmental disorders.

Our support includes individual therapeutic intervention, play therapy, group therapeutic intervention, parental support and support for school staff who are supporting children with these needs.

Specialist Teacher and Inclusion Support

Our specialist teachers are involved in individual work with students, including assessment work to establish areas of strength and difficulty to plan for inclusion and intervention, and 1 to 1 pupil support to model appropriate working and intervention.

We also offer whole school or early years setting development and support work, including: support with Quality First Teaching, support with the completion of targeted individual learning plans for children with SEND, support for SENCos to facilitate the graduated response, supervision to staff and SEND support surgeries.

Our specialist teachers are also able to provide high quality training around the graduated response, quality first teaching, attachment, behaviour as communication and supporting children to regulate their emotions.


Our team are available to provide a range of training for staff around a range of topics, both in school and online. For more information click here to visit our training page.

Packages of Support

To accommodate your needs, our service can be commissioned on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or termly basis. Whilst we endeavour to retain capacity to respond swiftly and flexibly to requests for 'one-off' pieces of assessment work, many of our partner settings determine a package of support to be delivered across the academic year with the focus of work varying, from individual work with students to whole school or early years setting development and systemic work.

The benefit of taking advantage of one of our packages is in your peace of mind and guarantee that our service will be available for you when you need it. Contact us to enquire about any of our services and a package of support.

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